Hi! I’m a senior resident at an Emergency Medicine Residency in the Northeast, while my husband lives in our new home in the South. I love my work in the ER, as chaotic and stressful as it is. It’s the best way that I know to serve my fellow humans on this ailing planet. But sometimes the shifts are so exhausting and insanity-provoking that all I want to do is prune something! So here I will share with you my crazy stories, my rants, my frustrations, and my triumphs in trying to keep people on this side of the ground; and I will also share with you my diggings into that other side of the ground where seeds go. The garden is my work life’s counterpoint, a place where time moves slower, and where Nature has a much greater responsibility for my leafy patients than I do. It’s a place where death and decomposition are normal – desired even – when it comes to compost. It’s a place where I regain perspective and calm so that I can be ready for the next ER shift that’s always coming.

Please keep in mind that this is my creative outlet, and that I have to abide by HIPAA laws that protect patient privacy. That being said, names and dates are changed or not present, and I’ve taken creative license with some details while trying to stay true to the core of the stories.